We are building optimized engineering competencies to enhance new growth engines.

Grow with green energy

We will provide green plant solutions based on own license in eco-friendly fields such as ammonia/hydrogen, CCS, and recycling.

Eco-friendly plant

We are preparing for a sustainable future by participating in green businesses that are driving the growth of the global plant market. In the area of ammonia/hydrogen/CCS, we execute in the entire business, including production, transportation, storage and supply infrastructure, and we are working to expand into Recycling business such as Waste Recovery & Recycling.

New Businesses Portfolio

  • Clean ammonia

    Established clean ammonia manufacturing facilities in North America and constructed tank terminal infrastructure at major domestic and foreign locations.

  • Hydrogen

    Developed hydrogen production technology using natural gas, ammonia, and water electrolysis and developed hybrid and 100% hydrogen electric power generation systems using hydrogen as raw materials.

  • CCS

    Constructed CO2 Capturing/liquidation/storage facilities and export terminal infrastructure.

  • Bio/Battery/Chip

    Developed bio/pharmaceutical materials and processes, developed high function materials and finished products processes for secondary batteries, and developed high purity chemical manufacturing processes for chemicals such as Low GWP gas and Wet Chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing process.

  • Recycling

    Established a recycling process that reproduces battery materials, naphtha, hydrogen, etc. using waste synthetic resins, waste batteries, etc.

License-EPC and License Packaging Business

We will expand our business area to the entire Value Chain from License Basic Design Package EPC and provide a total package solution that also supplies main equipment/catalysts directly.

Securing core technology Value Chain

We will grow into a License-EPC Leader by developing own technologies which are Hydrogen Value Chain, such as production, transporation, storage and utilization, and Recycling Business.

Hydrogen Value Chain
Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste Value Chain

Oil & Gas, Power-generation and Industrial Plant

We have developed capabilities of engineering and construction building on our experience in carrying out various oil & gas, power generation and industrial plant projects. In addition to our domestic business, we have established ourselves as the leader in the oil & gas plant sector, which include petrochemicals, oil refineries and gas, and we are putting in efforts to develop high efficiency and eco-friendly technologies by expanding our business to areas such as building nuclear power plants.

Hanwha Total's Daesan Plant ADL Project

Major Achievements

E-Class Gas Turbine H2 Retrofit Validation Project

  • Location : Seosan, Korea
  • Construction Period : 2021-11~2023-04
  • Capacity : Gas Turbine Retrofit 78MW / H2 Mix Ratio 50% ±5% (max. 59.5%) / NOx Single Digit and CO Reduction

Saudi Umm Wu'al Phosphoric Acid Plant Project (PAP)

  • Location : Turaif, Saudi Arabia
  • Construction Period : 2013-12~2020-12
  • Capacity : Phosphoric Acid Facilities to produce 1,500,000 ton/year

HEC G-2 Power Plant Project

  • Location : Gunsan, Korea
  • Construction Period : 2015-10~2017-12
  • Capacity : CFB Boiler 435ton/h, STC 99MW

Hanwha Q Cell Jincheon Plant

  • Location : Jincheon, Korea
  • Construction Period : 2015-05~2016-02
  • Capacity : Total floor space of 57,659.5㎡, Solar 1.5GW Cell manufacturing plant