To create a sustainable future

Hanwha's CI is a key design element and symbolic visualization reference point for consistent representation of our brand identity.

Symbol Mark

Hanwha Global Symbol Mark
The Hanwha Tri-Circle is composed of three circles that evolve, expand and grow limitlessly into the universe through constant changes and innovations.

The three circles visualizes Hanwha evolving into a world-class corporation that contributes towards the balanced development of customers, society and mankind.

Color Rules

Process Color is used for offset printing of newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements and large format printing, and RGB Color is used for TV advertisements, websites, and broadcast data.

Hanwha Orange 100

  • C0 M68 Y100 K0
  • R243 G115 B33

Hanwha Orange 70

  • C0 M47 Y70 K0
  • R248 G155 B108

Hanwha Orange 50

  • C0 M34 Y50 K0
  • R251 G181 B132

Hanwha Black 100

  • K100
  • R0 G0 B0