A global material (specialist) company, leaping forward based on research and development competencies to provide solutions to customers.

Towards global trader

Focusing on the core material development in the fields of bio, battery, and semiconductor to create customer value and ensuring future sustainable growth.

Bio Material

Expanding the business portfolio from raw materials for pharmaceutical business to high-value-added bio/pharmaceutical materials with anticipated continuous growth, utilizing proprietary technology development.

Battery/Semiconductor Material

Battery Material

Aiming to overcome the functional limitatins of existing materials by securing key platform technologies and consolidating group battery element technologies (equipment, module development), in the rapidly expanding market of applications such as electric vehicles and robots.

Semiconductor Material

Developing high-function materials that meet market needs, such as semiconductor miniaturization and integration, and concentrating on the development of environmentally friendly Low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) gases to achieve carbon neutrality - a focus on future sustainable environmentally friendly core materials.

R&D Center

Proactively securing core platform and next-generation technologies in the fields of bio/battery/semiconductor materials for preparation of sustainable development. Through the development of bio-buffer and high-purity chemical manufacturing technology, we aim to narrow the technological gap for domestication of bio materials and enhance our competitiveness against global companies. With a foundation in the core competence of inorganic material synthesis technology, we aspire to progress the development of diverse high-value bio material businesses, differentiating ourselves in the fields of high-functionality, heat dissipation, and shielding compared to conventional materials. Additionally, we are actively engaged in the development of eco-friendly electrode/catalyst materials for the transition to environmentally friendly practices and are working on the development of eco-friendly process chemicals and additives for the production of semiconductor displays and solar products.