We provide digital smart blasting solution with high quality explosives and detonators, also electronic detonators, smart mining systems.

Smart Infra

With accumulated technology and expertise, we provide products with excellent safety and blasting efficiency which enables economical blasting service for different field conditions.

Packaged System

Our water resistant emulsion explosive and ANFO are produced according to the purpose of use, so it is easy to handle.

Bulk System

It is a bulk explosive that enables large scale economical blasting, utilizing designated equipment.

Initiation System

We supply precise and safe products as chemical substances that initiate the detonation of explosives, ensuring optimal blasting for maximum safety.

Electronic Blasting System

HEBS II, Hanwha Electronic Blasting System

It is a system that includes the equipment consisting of blaster, UG blaster, logger, planner, harness wire and HiTRONIC II to operate it.
We implement optimized blasting in explosive sites through a high-precision electronic blasting system that maximizes safety and detonation reliability.

Ammonium Nitrate

It is used as a raw material for ANFO or agricultural fertilizers and producing chemical gas. It is produced as coated or uncoated products.

Smart Mining Services

HATS(Hanwha As a Total Solution)

A system that consisting of 10 modules that allows for the management and analysis of mining development processes, incluing driling and blasting, as well as pollution factors such as noise and vibration, on a digital platform.

  • Increased convenience

    Convenient site management through digitizing and automatic analysis for the whole process from drilling to the blasting

  • Increase Production

    Improve blasting efficiency by optimizing blasting design based on precise data collected through ultra-precision GPS and digital sensing

  • Improve Safety

    Improve equipment/human safety management with real-time job status monitoring

  • Eagle Web

    Web Based Data Analysis

  • Eagle Net

    Local Network

  • Eagle Map

    3D Geographic/Geologic Data Capture

  • Eagle Design

    3D Blast Design Software

  • Eagle Drill

    Drill Data Capture & Hole Navigation System

  • Eagle Charge

    Charging Data Capture & Explosive Management

  • Eagle Vib

    Remote Vibration Measurement System

  • Eagle Frag

    3D Fragmentation Analysis With Artificial Intelligence

  • Eagle Track

    Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

  • Eagle Mobile

    Data acquisition and management App
    for drilling, charging and blasting operations

Mining Services

With state-of-art products and customer-oriented service expertise, we provide accurate and smart mining services tailored to customer needs. We are serving a wide range of customers, including Indonesia, Australia, and Chile.

Autonomous Mining

It performs drilling and charging according to the optimal blasting pattern designed by HATS. Afterwards, it performs blasting at the remote site by communicating with a receiver and provides the optimal blasting pattern through AI analysis.

Fireworks Contents Business

Since we started the fireworks business in 1964, we have always made efforts to satisfy customers through developing new and diverse fireworks programs and safe and effective launch technology.In particular, we pioneered a new genre called "Multimedia Fireworks Show" that combines fireworks and multimedia (lighting, laser, video, etc.) for the first time in Korea, and we are leading a new concept performance culture of storytelling techniques that incorporates performances into fireworks shows. In addition, we are participating in various overseas events to promote Hanwha's outstanding fireworks technology to the world.


In an effort to bring a better future and provide cutting-edge technology services, we are focusing on R&D and enhancing competitiveness. Hanwha Future Technology Research Institute, established in 2016, specializes in advanced future technology research and development and strives to provide smart solutions by developing safe next-generation(wearable/wireless) electronic detonator, AI analysis technology that can be linked to new products through HATS system advancement.