Company Life

This is how we do it.

We provide transparent HR system and great benefits, so that all employees can work with passion.

Workplace Hierarchy System

Positions are not defined by their responsibilities and authority, not by vertical hierarchy.
We promote a horizontal structure at our workplace.

  • Associate
  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Executive

Reward System

We provide compensation according to individual and organizational performance based
on objective and fair evaluations each year.

Base Salary

The base salary is paid on
fixed salary basis.


remuneration based on
the performance of the company,
team, and individual


  • Refresh Vacation

    Encouraging vacations up to 10 consecutive business days

  • Family Event Leave/Congratulatory and condolence money

    Provide family event leave and money on the occasion of family events or bereavement

  • On-site daycare

    Provide on-site daycare

  • Anniversary Gifts

    Gifts on Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Labor Day, Foundation Day, etc.

  • Discount for online and offline Galleria malls

    Staff discount at online Galleria Mall and Galleria Department Store

  • Regular Vacation

    4 days of regular vacation every year aside from annual paid leave provided

  • Children’s school expenses

    School expenses subsidized for middle school to college students

  • Reward for long-time employee

    Prizes and travel vouchers for 10, 20 and 30 years employment

  • Collective Accident Insurance Policy

    Provide insurance coverages for illnesses or injuries

  • Commuter Bus

    Commuter buses bound for main office (Janggyodong) and Yeouido

  • Health checkup for employee and spouse

    Medical checkup service for employees and their spouses

Organizational Culture

We are committed
to making
a better workplace.

  • Flexible working environment

    With remote work, flex seating, flex working, and staggered hours, we create a flexible work environment that ensures work efficiency and work-life balance for our employees.

  • Various Vacations

    We have various benefits to ensure work-life balance such as maternity/paternity leave, family care vacation/leave, Father’s Vacation, Mom’s Package(a gift package to celebrate pregnancy and childbirth), infertility treatment and pregnancy support leave and prenatal examination leave.

We strive to
improve employees' competencies.

  • Training and Test Fee Support

    We offer foreign language training and cover test fees to foster global talents.

  • Self-development support

    We support our employees' self-development by offering professional certification training, job training, and certification allowances, fostering mutual growth for both the individual and the company.