Moving forward to a better future.

We will contribute to sustainable development that improves the value of human life.

Safety, Environment
and Health

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    Net Zero

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    Safety, Environment
    and Health management

Net Zero

Scope. 1,2

Declared Hanwha Net Zero 2040

In line with the international moves, Hanwha Global declared Hanwha Net Zero 2040 with a goal of reducing 65.6% by 2030 and 100% by 2040 compared to carbon emissions in 2019. We will strive to achieve Net Zero 2040 by actively discovering and investing in greenhouse gas reduction activities.

Reduction Strategy
  1. 1
    Promote energy use efficiency through process improvement & Apply carbon capture/utilization/storage (CCUS) technology
  2. 2
    Expand the usage of renewable energy
    • Expand the installation of captive powered facilities (solar power) in the sites
    • Secure renewable energy power through PPA (Electricity Purchase Agreement)
    • Offset emissions through the purchase of REC (Renewable Energy Certificate)
  3. 3
    Eco-friendly fuel conversion
    • Industrial boilers, business vehicles, etc

Hanwha Net Zero 2040 Roadmap

Unit : tCO2-eq

Scope. 3

Established a management system

Hanwha Global has established a Scope 3 emissions calculation system with accuracy/completeness/consistency in 2022. We will continue to manage Scope 3 emissions across the value chain and contribute to reducing greenhouse gases not only within our company but also globally by promoting low-carbon projects to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

Reduction Strategy
  1. 1
    Transition to low-carbon raw materials (grey ammonia clean ammonia)
  2. 2
    Expand low-carbon businesses such as Low-GWP gas (NO, Nitro oxide) and clean ammonia

Safety, Environment and Health management

Safety, Environment and Health management goal




  • Safe and Healthy Life to
    Everyone, Everywhere!
  • Beneficial to our Environment and the Community!
Strategic directions and key strategic tasks
  • Internalized safety culture
    • Strengthen safety management leadership
    • Established culture of safety and communication
  • Advanced management
    • Advanced smart infrastructure
    • Strengthen process/work safety management
  • Proactive response to climate change
    • Promote greenhouse gas emission reduction activities
    • Increase the use of renewable energy
  • Strengthen retention capacity
    • Enhance inspection expertise
    • Strengthen ESH expertise and communication with outside communities
  • Improve ESG management
    • Proactive response to internal and external systems and regulations
    • Continued participation in international initiatives

Safety, Environment and Health management policy
and management system

Safety, Environment and Health management policy

Hanwha Global is committed to a sustainable future through the establishment, implementation, and active enhancement of the SHE management system.

  • Make Safety, Health, Environment our Priority

    Prioritizing the safety, health, and environment of employees, contractors, customers, and the local community, among other stakeholders, and all employees voluntarily participate.

  • Striving a Self-regulation Culture with Regulatory Compliance

    Striving for the internalization of self-regulation grounded in safety, health, and environmental compliance, across all organizational activities, including manufacturing, construction, trade, and research and development.

  • Contribute to Climate Crisis Response and a Sustainable Future

    Striving for business growth in harmony with the environment through carbon neutrality, resource recycling, biodiversity conservation, improved pollutant emissions, and the provision of eco-friendly solutions.

  • Securing SHE Capabilities and Enhancing Mutual Cooperation

    Ensuring that all employees and contractors acquire the necessary capabilities for SHE management and actively promote mutual cooperation with stakeholders.

  • Achieve Social Responsibility and Ensure Transparency

    Upholding our social responsibility to achieve mutual growth with stakeholders, we transparently disclose our SHE management performance.

Safety, Environment and Health management system

Hanwha Global operates the global safety and environmental health management system, which can be operated at all domestic and international workplaces, considering the safety and health of all employees and partner employees, as well as their contributions to the environment and community as key management factor.

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Community
Safety, Environment and Health management system structure

Hanwha Global structures and operates the Safety, Environment and Health management system as shown below with the group's core values of challenge, dedication and integrity to build a successful business.

Safety and health activities
1Site safety management
Implementation of a data-based safety and health system
An improved integrated system compare to the existing safety and health system is developed by integrating Safety, Environment, and Health and applied sequentially to strengthen the industrial safety and health system. With the analysis of the data collected through this system, we plan to advance the mid- to long-term safety environment plan.

Introduction of safety accident simulation
We have introduced an Explosion Damage Simulation to predict and prevent damage that may occur during new explosive manufacturing facilities construction. This allows us to quantitatively predict the extent of damage in the event of incidents such as an explosion, and the data is used for the sites and work line design to ensure safety within the workplace.
2Spread safety and health culture.
Safety culture diagnosis and evaluation
We evaluate our safety culture and establish strategies for improving safety culture optimized for each organization to promote safety awareness and culture for all employees.

Safety Day
All employees work to identify areas for improvement to create a safe working environment and promote safety culture within the organization.

Employee safety and health training
Enhance safety management capacities by providing a professional human resources development program to help executives and employees identify risk factors in their work in advance and respond quickly.
3Improve safety management of our partner companies
Manage and evaluate safety of our partner companies
We evaluate the eligibility of the safety environment and this information is factored into when selecting and bidding for a new partner company. We also provide safety and health training for our partner companies.
Environmental Activities
1Air Pollutant management

We work to advance the pollution prevention facilities and conduct smart environmental management to minimize the generation of air pollutants in accordance with the regulation on the air conservation and integrated management of pollutants from facilities, and to keep the emission concentration below 50% of the legal standards.

2Water resource management

We are managing the efficiency of wastewater treatment facilities and conducting various water resource management activities to keep the discharge concentration of water pollutants below 50% of the legal standards.

3Hazardous chemicals management

A chemical pre-review system has been established to review legal regulations before purchasing all chemicals and to purchase them after obtaining final approval.

4Environment protection activities in local communities

In an effort to protect the ecosystem around our sites, we choose mountains and rivers near the sites and conduct natural environment Clean Up activities such as "One Company, One River, One Forest" with all employees.